GameSpot Reviews – Saints Row: The Third

Carolyn takes on the streets of Steelport in this review of Saints Row: The Third.

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  1. I love this game
    After playing many games I believe that this is the game which is made for having fun ultimate fun no boundaries.
    I give SE 3 & 4 = 9.9/100

  2. Just to point out, Saints Row The Third is the 2nd free game on Xbox 360's Games with Gold for May 2014. (The first being Dust: An Elysian Tail)

    As for the video. I'm glad to hear you don't need 'respect' to do story missions anymore. I hated that in the first Saints Row.

  3. Why did Saints Row 4 get less than this? It clears up everything that was bad in The Third and it's funnier, got better writing and is way more enjoyable! INSURANCE FRAUD is so much better is 4.

  4. i like saints row 3 better than saints row 4, but i like saints row 4 in the way that there arent any others like it.

  5. Picked this up along with every dlc pack for like 5 bucks on steam! DirectX 11 works great i can't believe i wasted my time paying 60 bucks for a blurry laggy mess on 360. The pop in was horrendous and damn near made me sick at times.

  6. Even though the story completely destroys the previous lore, there is less content/activities and overall the city is pretty dead and unmemerable, the gameplay is fucking solid. It's fun, has a great flow, the customization is very deep and nice and Saints Row has always had an awesome soundtrack.

  7. My opinion on "Saints Row: The Third" – it was pretty cool, but it will never match the first two games. I really loved the story established in the first two games. I was hoping to get revenge on Dex in this game, but then Volition decided to make the series "causal friendly". And I know that there was suppose to be a mission in "Saints Row: Money Shot" where you would kill Dex, but they canceled it weeks before it's release. That's pretty much one loose end that I doubt I will ever get over.

  8. How do you talk about this game for 6 minutes and barely compare it to the second game? And not one mention of how much better the graphics are.

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