Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Gameplay Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)

Check out the first gameplay trailer for Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat.

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  1. I need to know, does this mean that i will be able to use the DW 1 characters against the DW Legends. Example William Wallace vs Pirate. Is that what the game is boasting

  2. No, deadliest warrior doesn't need that, soul calibur characters are all the same because they're all manga-style, deadliest warrior will use characters from different parts of the world so you have more choice liberty… William Wallas is the bast with Viking and Apache

  3. it was sarcasm…
    So, there aren't many fight games with ancient weapons, soulcalibur is the only one and it sucks <_< because chars will become all manga styled, and i can't stand his unrealism…
    Deadliest warrior isn't a perfect game but it is better and more realistic than soulcalibur, i say it because i tried both of them

  4. whomever is playing this game with all the optionts out there … is sad.
    who gives a shit about this game, i dont even know why i had the urge to
    just spit on my own screen when i see this , Blasphemy!!!
    People out there still making games like this ??? how much is this 1$ ???

    you know now i know why i wanna spit at this game so bad, it insults me as a gamer.
    they went out they way to make a game that is insulting to just look at it…they looking for shit now !!!

  5. This game had to be as horrible as it looked. I would of blught it for the show though lol. I'm watching attila the hun vs alexander the great w my wife atm lol on prime video.

    Like if you still watch DW every once in awhile, wife had never seen it before.

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