Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Opening Cinematic

This is where it all begins.

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  2. It's crazy knowing that they just narrowly escaped the glassing of Reach at this time. And as of right now Noble six is being killed by the covenant

  3. While i think about it
    I don't think they were even planning to have poa escape from planet reach during ce's development
    because when cortana said "as for tracking us all the way from reach" it didn't mean the planet but it meant that the covenant ships tracked poa all the way from thier grip, thier reach, because a backstory wasn't actually planned back then

    that until eric nylund wrote the expanded universe, and created planet reach entirley from that line , that word alone
    Now imagine how much lore would've changed if that line got modified to something like "as for tracking us all the way from we left"

    We'll lose a whole damn book, a mastepiece of a prequel and thousands of lines worth of lore
    Its amazing how a single line and play of words can change and add alot to the universe of a game, its a butterfly effect

  4. First playing this game ever: Damn this is so cool

    After playing Reach: I will avenge Noble Team. NO MERCY FOR THE COVENANT

  5. Need help!!! Can anybody please tell me the name of the song at the very beginning of this vid as it introduces the poa?? Gotta know bad, I am itching all over for the answer

  6. “5th platoon secure airlocks on deck 11, 14th platoon rendezvous with 22nd tactical at bulkhead Charlie 14” this line has stuck with me since I first played Halo and I have no idea why

  7. The Master Chief was supposed to appear in Reach where he would meet Noble 6 but was cut although
    If you noclip his cryotube could still be found

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