Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Behind the Scenes Video

Check out this behind the scenes look at Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, showing off some new gameplay!

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  1. I was 5 years old when this game came out and I remember begging my mom to buy me the game on Christmas till this day unwrapping my Xbox original and playing Halo 1 with my friends and family
    (I won't forget tea-Bagging my dad) those memories till this day bring a small tear to eye Halo is what got me into video gaming I am 23 years old and I've been with you guys since the beginning and I plan on sticking with it till the end

  2. I actually liked the Reach MK V and assault rifle in the pre release version. Also keeps the lore mindfucks to a minimum, but now we have 5 million versions of MK V.

  3. I wished that Halo CE: Anniversary had Chief in the Reach armor, because that would make the transition easier from Reach, and Reach's MK5 armor with nothing else on the armor (MK5 shoulders, and MK5 helmet) is just a more realistic version of the armor from CE.

  4. maldito 343, la armadura basada en halo reach hubiera sido fenomenal, que lastima que la franquicia sea manejada por un estudio tan mediocre

  5. Chief's anniversary armor had baby hands. He's gained a lot of weight and not in a good way. Also, Saber butchered the cutscenes with way too much overacting. And lip-synch is bad in MCC, but most of the games have bad lip-synch in 60 fps, for some reason.
    There are also so many areas where the new and old graphics don't line up at all. Sections where new graphics has stuff in the environment that isn't present at all in classic.
    I was once sniping in Truth and Reconciliation and I lined up a shot with an elite, went to pull the trigger right on it's head, and it just alerted everyone to my location. I switched back to classic graphics and find out the cliff I was sniping over actually jutted out a few extra feet and I hit that instead of the elite.

  6. It seems more like a halo ce version of halo reach because every character and vehicles that are in halo 1 looks exactly the same in halo reach and some of the character designs i don't like the marines look like soldiers for fat camp and the chief looks like a cartoon character

  7. I know I'm going to sound super picky but when you shoot the gun on the warthog the round dont interact with the environment with the remastered version. Where the original they would hit objects.

  8. Me personally, I like the art style, I just think they got lighting wrong. In classic, the level 343 Guilty Spark felt dark, damp, and eerie, perfectly foreshadowing the Flood. Anniversary, on the other hand, completely ruins that tone, and makes it feel like the rest of the levels, which is exactly what that level wasn’t supposed to be. Another bad thing about it is the silhouettes of the combat forms at the start of the level in the distance are actually fully visible and you can see their textures, ruining the surprise of the Flood for anyone who didn’t know about it before. The rest of the levels are good though, for the most part.

  9. Honestly they should have just kept the Reach MKV armor in there. It would have looked better than what they actually used and it would have been more in line with the rest of the art style since its all Reach assets more or less.

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