Gran Turismo 5 – Spec 2.0 Intro Trailer (PS3)

Check out an intro video for the Gran Turismo 5 DLC packs available now!

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  1. 7 years later and this is still one of the most impressive, exciting, and beautiful intros ever created. Nostalgia of 3 only exceeds this as my favourite intro in the series. I am so glad it's in GT Sport (it's in the Gran Turismo dealership under channel)

  2. the best GT game ever gt6 and sport don't have the physics that gt5 have this intro brings back some good memories online battle at NUR blood pumping action!!!

  3. The piano piece in the beginning is Kapustin Etude Opus 40 Number 3 in case you are wondering. And the pianist is Kapustin himself. Dude's a fucking legend

  4. the piano composition is a recreation by shan shan sun of the toccatina composition by nikola kapustin, etudes concert OP.40. Very energetic and fine overall.

  5. Can't believe it's 9 years already. The graphics just so fabulous jumping from PS2 that time, even until now this game still looks grat. My third most favourite Gran Turismo series after GT2 and GT4.

  6. This intro makes me shed a tear every time, the graphics and the look of this is so beautiful it makes me realize how much I love cars and makes me think about stuff like how far humanity has come and how we’re able to do/ watch things like this

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