Star Wars: The Old Republic – Developer Dispatch

The design team for Star Wars: The Old Republic discuss designing your companions in this GameSpot exclusive video.

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  1. @thekillerghost123 Hi!

    I'm really happy to hear that you've enjoyed what you've played of it thus far. Can I ask you a question about it? Are there a lot of clothing options? Like, is there much selection when you buy clothing, weapons, lightsaber crystals?

  2. @CactusKaneConnection They didn't get in the way. In fact, Bioware said just recently that they have remarkable autonomy. But it was expected, because a company like Bioware has earned a certain kind of status in the industry. I'm sure EA has some control, but for the most part, they just let the guys do their thing.

  3. @dtptaru

    It was the first line of your reply that i was referring to in regards to your personality.

    I hope you enjoy GW2, I just don't understand the need to troll other games video's that you aren't interested in playing.

    I am sure you will enjoy GW2, so why don't you follow and post on that games video's

  4. @MrSecretny GW2 is a much better MMO, for the purposes of an MMO, player interactivity and its effect on the world around you. SW;tOR is much nicer looking (in the beta you have to force anti aliasing though), but it's really a single player game with multilayer capabilities and in built faculties like player trading. And there's nothing wrong with that.

  5. @daymyth not true. as i watched swtor videos, i cannot say its like single player. swtor also has great interaction. has good pvp, many instances etc. we cannot judge it until it comes out (i mean gw2 and swtor). i only bother that gw2 wont be as big as swtor

  6. @MrSecretny If the world in which you play upon is not effected by your actions, other than in a scripted linear pathway. Then it's not an MMO in my opinion. SW:tOR tells a story, and there's nothing wrong with that. It has little arena matches and you can team up with other people to play out scenarios. You yourself however have no effect on the shape of the world around you, it's preset and will remain the same for all players. GW2 and EVE do not, they are for now the only true MMO's.

  7. @daymyth i dont understand you. wow's world was the same for all too, and it was a mmorpg. as i saw on videos, swtor has all that is needed for mmorpg: gulids, pvp, crafting, open world, trade, etc. do u wanna say swtor will be like Vindictus or Dragon Nest? (btw these 2 games are great relaxers, i advise to try out!!!) not really, it seems to be WoW with main storyline. I think it can somewhat resemble The Elder Scrolls game…

  8. @MrSecretny What I'm arguing about is how people call things MMO. To me these games are just multiplayer online, they fit in the same category as NWN and Diablo 2/3. To be turely "massive" I believe that the actions of all players must somehow effect the outcomes of the world they are in. Maybe games like EVE and GW2 need a new label to reflect what they are instead.
    What I really want to play is Black Prophecy, but I'm stuck in Australia, with shit internet and high ping.

  9. @ebonhawk66 Bioware IS pretty bloody good at RPGs. And this looks pretty good. Moreover, it has a few secret ingredients that are lacking in most MMOs: first off, the important NPC story characters? The trailers for the game were specifically designed to make you interested in them and care about them. So it's a big thing when you actually see them. Next: Varied starting areas. Hugely important. Last but not least? Story. Even if you just like the gameplay, it's nice to have it there.

  10. I want the option of releasing Vette.
    Vette: My Lord, how will I serve you.
    Me: You shall serve me . . . .
    *lightsaber* *collar falls to the floor*
    Me: . . .only at your own free will.

  11. @SirMandokarla My apologies, it just seemed like it would go with the option of being able to play a good guy Sith. Existing in a society that is continuously cruel to you, but not forcing that torment on others.

  12. its to damn borring after max lvl and its over rated imo, its realy grafik blow you head of but the world is to mutch starwars fan based, and its compared to world of warcraft that is a 7 year old game not eaven close to long time base platform, its simply made to fast, and multi player servers are lagging slow and there are so many bugs its insane, shame since its a INCREDIBLE world destroyed by monny and the fackt that they didtent hold it of a few months

  13. that Funny! cuz you the one in the TORtanic and you will soon taste the ocean floor. F2P in Fall. FAIL 200m P2P going to F2P MMO which as you knew they were strongly against F2P and said P2P is good for contents and service.wat a joke! ENJOY TORTANIC

  14. you need to OPEN your eye and your mind more, sir! ever heard open mind? you gotta learn what you hate or dont know. they are being Fair on this TORtanic. my question for you the GROW UP and i expect a GROW UP answer. Why SWTOR becomes Free to play in this fall which they were strongly opposed cuz P2P bring contents and Services?

  15. I honestly don't care because i can afford the subs, but I just find it funny that the average monthly spend in a so called "free to play" is higher than a sub.

    And I haven't played any MMO's since February anyway, so they can do what they want.

  16. how can they control the bad Free to play community? you know a 12 years old cursing all over the place. i remember well before launch, they said p2p model is good for contents and services. now they lied about it and change their model. wat the point buying the game box now?

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