Shank 2 Video Preview

Shank is back and he’s more savage then ever! We take a look at the sequel’s new features.

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  1. This game had incredibly good voice acting, and music for a game that had such a primitive gameplay. They didn't change much of the clunky controls, the gore is still as amazing as ever, if only they made the gameplay worth while since its the main source of this game. I beat it on hard just grabbing 95% of the big enemies and ever getting touched. Only time I had trouble on bosses, were the ones who spawn indefinite adds(like the cannibal king), which is a cheap gimmick to a garbage boss.

  2. Hey everybody I made a double review (no ads) of both Shank and Shank 2, I think you'll find it useful 🙂 Please feel free to check it out, and thumbs up this comment if you liked the review, and think that I should get more views. Thanks in advance! /watch?v=ZgvdxPRtIIc

  3. burp i came here hoping to find a game compareing goodly to mark of the nija or deadlihgjt or wahtever instead i found some piece of shit nintendo like platfrom shitty game that u only kill and kill until the world ends in 2012 or so etc fuck

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