Resident Evil: Revelations – Extended Trailer (3DS)

Check out an extended trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations which premiered at the TGS 2011.

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  1. "Why is this happening?" she said. Hm…maybe because you are a large breasted blonde in high heels with only one clip of ammo, can't aim (probably from the hair in the face), and you constantly fell down and didn't check your six.

  2. How does it work the circlepad int this game and The Mercenaries? Is like Resident evil 4, or like the old ones when you turn and then move? and it is comfortable?

  3. Revelations is the only RE game as far as i know
    that doesn´t have an "intro" while waiting at the title screen, this video is a MUST have into the game.
    Not even the "New versions" have this video, not even when they included Rachel into Raid Mode…
    What a waste of such cool material.
    SHAME on you CAPCOM

  4. in the german fandom wiki from resident evil it says that she lost an eye during the mission and to protect/cover it she put her hair that way
    i kinda feel sorry about her, she didn't wanted to go on that mission, i want to know more about her character etc. i think it will always be a mysterium

  5. Why didn't she run back to her previous location after encountering the first zombie ooze creature? She knows it's safe and using the rest of her ammo she could have focused down just one target and killed it. Because horror movies/games I guess.

  6. seems like nobody in the comments realizes that this is the explanation for how rachel became what she is in the game. It shows her story of what happened to her on the ship. look at that room she dies in, its the same room that you find the mutated rachel in during the story. also look at that blood stain on the window when she gets thrown against it. matches the same one in the game.

    This is a brief summary of what happened to her. pretty cool.

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