Rayman Origins Around The World Exclusive Trailer

We set off around the world with Rayman and friends in this exclusive trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming Rayman Origins.

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  1. @MrMonky1919 (I didn't know this game had online. :/) I for one am very very excited for this game. I read the game was very challenging (that's already a plus for me), and I think it's art style and animation is fantastic. I was simply trying to make fun of another review group, but it seems I failed….. -_-'

  2. This game looks incredible. Im considering buying it even though its a little childish. I loved the original Rayman on ps1 and Rayman 2 on N64 was a classic.

  3. @gameboy9402 IGN gave Rayman Origins a 9.5, which means that this game is amazing. The reviewer said it had beautiful graphics and he didn't mention anything about that it was too hard. But I'm not sure if you wrote this comment before the review was released 😛

  4. I want this game! Is it beautiful and I wish the game will be as good as the trailer show when we will be able to play!
    Juste, if anyone know what is the song at 0:20 thanks to give me the name! I love this music!

  5. @skjorestad94 Thank you for understanding that comment was written before the review! XD I sometimes feel that some games they reviewed are treated unfairly. So I was kinda shocked when they gave it that score. Having that score makes me even more excited for this game! XD

  6. When the game first came out, having no online didn't bother me too much (it's one of my favorite games to play with my brother), but I understand how having online could have made a great game, even better!

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