GameSpot Reviews – FIFA Soccer 12

It’s been the king of football games for years now, but a new defensive system has the community talking. Will FIFA stay on top? Find out in our video review.

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  1. how come i am still like pes 12 better than this one? what is wrong with me? is it normal? with all the innovations in the game, I still hate to play fifa.there is something about pes that Holding me very Tight.

  2. it is pretty sick, isn't it? fifa 12 is a lot more More perfect and Advanced game than pes 12 , but in the end of the day i do choose playing pes.on pes the ball control will always be much better than any fifa and That's what really matters in sports games- the control.
    i don't really need any crazy tricks like fifa has.if i play with messi for example, he does feel a lot more right on pes fifa he is just another player.You should try pes 12 for on the xbox360 or ps3.

  3. we are a group of 6 guys who play the game on the the beginning we all stick to fifa 12 and then we found out that it is only a big show with no strong roots.pes 12 is less Impressive but has a lot more deep gameplay with great ball feel the big players so good like messi or is so much Rewarding.fifa feels the same all the time,it is Impressive for 1 week but never last more then this.pes 12 is Far from perfect game but it is much more fun to play than fifa 12

  4. Why the hell did they use the most annoying song in the game in this video!?!?! Now I can't just relax and let go!!!

  5. Dose it have the stupid penaly changes, Like from 2010 too -11, I wish they had not done that crap, Shocked me, Made me wont too stick too 2010, "" No one i no wonts too do a play off like we did every weekend, Becuse the penalty's have changed makes it so stupid, So we are still on fifa 2010, ??

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