GameSpot Reviews – F1 2011 (Xbox 360)

F1 heads out onto the track for another spin in this video review for F1 2011.

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  1. I believe from 5:58 onwards, the cars are racing on Buddh International Circuit (Indian Grand Prix)! The first few corners are simply awesome! Just waiting for the game as well as the actual grand prix!

  2. See 5.30 into the vid. Is it me or do you have drive further into the pits this year instead of full throttling and letting the AI take over before you hit the wall?

  3. it would be superb if this game has a video for World Champion..when a driver wins the championship then he celebrates this game should have this

  4. Great game, better than its predecessor in every way, yet it gets a 8/10.. I've never bitched about rating but it's stupid to rate a game 8/10 even though you describe it as a 9/10 (well at least that's what i got from the review) just because it's demanding and is not for everyone.. I am sure that a significantly worse game that would be like Need For Speed F1 would be rated 9

  5. What i mean is give a little credti to codemaster.. They make dirt 3 and 50% (including me) say its too generic and has an arcadey setting with buggies and stuff.. They make f1 2010 which was more arcade than sim we say their f1 game sucks.. They make f1 2011 which is abit more sim-like than 2010 we say its frustrating..

  6. So if you're a novice and know little about F1 then this game is an 8.0/10.

    If you're a big F1 fan, know the rules and liked F1 2010 then this game is like 9.5/10.

    I guess that makes sense.

  7. Looks like they changed everything that needed to be changed, which is great.

    Loving the sense of weight in corners, more swaying effect.

    And thank god the AI is more up to scratch and is more consistent in race lap times compared to their ridiculous qualifying times.

  8. @USSWISCONSIN64 Well considering that the first F1 track in the U.S. is landing in Austin, TX in 2012, I'd say that we're gonna start getting real familiar with it.

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