Forza Motorsport 4 Video Preview (Xbox 360, Kinect)

We explore the depths of everything Forza Motorsport 4 brings to the table in a video exclusive to

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  1. so you're telling me that jeremy clarkson is a cock just because he is rich , successful , has a great tv show , have a passion about cars and knows so much shit about them ? ,,,,, i'm just gonna say what good old red forman would have said " THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN ME AND KICKING YOUR ASS IS THE INTERNET "

  2. "We are an endangered species, you and me. We, fans of speed, we, devotees of power, we, lovers of performance and beauty and mechanical soul. There are few places that welcome us now. We dare not speak of cams or cranks or double wishbones. We fear for our love of V8s and the smell of burnt rubber. We’re told to think of economy and the environment, not excitement and enjoyment. In an age of hybrid-this and lentil matic-that, we are the odd ones out. Yet there is hope…" – Jezza

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