Forza Motorsport 4 – First Race (Xbox 360, Kinect)

Every journey has a humble beginning, But Forza Motorsport 4 starts with a bang.

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  1. @TheMagma500
    It can be disabled.
    Remember, Forza 4 is a game for "everyone" (That includes adults, teens, kids and babies if you insist. Both experienced and inexperienced virtual racers alike) Whilst the more experienced peoples will probably turn it off, the nOObs are going to need it.

  2. NEVER buy from Bestbuy AGAIN!!!! Those shitheads cancelled my order for Forza 4 Limited Edition and ripped me off 20 bucks because they "sold too many". They didn't even have the courtesy to give me the regular one I had to BUY IT full price not even a discount. I am NEVER buying from them again. They should have had a certain number of copies to sell and after that to stop, but no they sold as many as they can and started canceling people's orders.

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