Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Check out this trailer of Lonesome Road the fourth add on pack for Fallout: New Vegas.

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  1. The enviroment storytelling in this DLC is so promiment and deep almost every single room adds to the story Ulysses is telling even the enemies new models made specifically to show the hopelessness and hostile nature of everything in the divide and unlike fallout 4 there is no single terminal with a wall of text retelling the entire story as if the developers think you are thick.

  2. Rarely the marked men will not be hostile, I’ve confirmed this on an unmodded xbox 360 version. You can just walk through the whole divide. 2 of the marked men are specifically programmed to always do a short attack sequence in your direction, but they are not technically targeting you. Just shooting towards you. If you simply wait for them to finish their short 2-5 second pre-programmed barrage, without attacking back, they will stop attacking all together. Some stand still, and others pace frantically. You even have the option to talk to them, but nothing happens other than the camera focusing in on them for a split second. The tunnelers and deathclaws will always attack you though. But its funny to sort of role play as one of the marked men. I have videos of my xbox 360 fallout character just chilling by the fire with 4-5 marked men.

  3. Breaks my heart we never got a 5th DLC…. something pre Lonesome Road of course, something perhaps more consolidated and chill? like Operation Anchorage was to Fallout 3? know what I mean? Just a little more New Vegas would have been nice. Obsidian mentioned there was some clandestine pre-script writing for another expansion to take place before LR here but allegedly Bethesda put the hammer down and said something to the extent of "You get one more and nothing else." (I assume because they needed all the market's eyes on Skyrim hype) and so they scrapped it to focus exclusively on this to finish the New Vegas saga.

    Shame. But what a note to end on.

  4. (SPOILERS) I liked the story, but it's a departure from the main game and the other 3 dlcs, because you're forced into a specific backstory, and in order to play the dlc, you have to accept the linear syle forced upon you … Either you do what ulysses says, or stop playing the dlc. It kind of reminded me fallout 4, forcing you to find Shaun. I never accepted the "it was an accident" line … I just decided to believe that ulysses did all of this, and his dementia caused him to projected it on me. 😁

  5. It’s been nearly ten years, and I still feel like this was the grand finale of the Fallout series, if not literally then thematically. What a game New Vegas is.

    That’s not to say there definitively isn’t anything more to be said in Fallout, just that it’s yet to be said.

  6. Just finished this dlc. It was much scarier than Blood Money. It was different, more potent kind of horror. Ghosts can be killed, radios can be destroyed, holograms can be turned off, but what can you do when this feeling of hopelessness, loneliness comes from the fact that you want to understand. You can go back, but you will not. Not untill you find answers…

  7. This DLC is one of the reasons I love New Vegas over the other fallouts; it has both Post Apocalyptic (destroyed cities, irradiated landscapes, survival, etc) and post post apocalyptic (new societies and nations being built) in it. some areas that were harder hit by the bombs have yet to recover, but areas where things were less scorched allowed for more societal development in what was once the United States. I love the two worlds this game gives us 🙂

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