Assassin's Creed: Revelations Hookblade Trailer

Get a look at the hookblade, the latest addition to Ezio’s arsenal in Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

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  1. hookblade bout damn time x3 theyre awesome as hell but wait does this mean no hidden dual blades cuz i sure as hell loved the dual blades T.T

  2. Just got this yesterday. Yusuf da Istanbul is starting to annoy me. He comes off as a little too cocky. No moron Ezio has no idea what a hookblade is and he's completely unaware of the numerous types of bombs.

    He's been a little occupied with you know, saving Italy and by extension the world.

  3. @AMO1298 You still have both blades when you have the hook blade, so I'd go for that because climbing is easier. And when Ezio jumps off the roof like a dummy I can catch a wall before he falls to his death. O3O

  4. @Xauringer
    Actually the hook blade is a real advantage for Ezio, you can actually counter steal with the hook blade and do other things in the game with it. To me it's actually better than the bombs with was the other weapon addition, besides even if you still feel that way, I don't see how one weapon can ruin the whole game.

  5. It's funny because there is no "blade" part in game. It's just a hook, yet you can easily stab people with it as if they are made of butter…

  6. know Assassins creed is better than COD 1.You get to play as an assassin witch I bet you cant have a hidden blade in COD can you? 2. COD I like but its not the best the only thing that annoys me in COD is the kids on the mic.

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