AMY – Official Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)

Check out another trailer for AMY releasing Fall 2011.

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  1. @giansantiago im pretty fucking sure most survival games require you to book it ( dead island, l4d2) and the game not only has bad fighting system, it has shitty graphics, shitty gameplay, shitty storyline, and i would not play it even if it was given free.

  2. This game had alot of promise but sadly what we got, was a broken game. I've tried really hard to like this game but couldn't bring myself to play another second of it.

  3. Totally worth the money! It have really EXCELLENT graphics to cost so cheap! Also the girls aren't like on the movies (STUPID) and they know how to manage things out 😉

  4. people constantly shit on this game, saying its 'the worst game they've ever played' and they'd 'rather cut themselves than play this game' but it's one of my favorites, i love this thing. people say it's unoriginal and looks like shit… but it's extremely original and looks amazing? people say the controls are unresponsive and it is just generally bad, but I never got that impression… i cant be alone in this, right? this game is amazing, why do people hate it so much… like, an honest answer would actually be nice, im genuinely confused…?

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