GameSpot Reviews – From Dust (Xbox 360)

Chris Watters reshapes the world according to his whim in this video review of From Dust for Xbox 360.

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  1. Wow, this looks like a good game to teach youth about environment and the consequences of things we do to it. Definitely getting it for my boys. Now to decide which platform it performs the best on. Oye, time to read the system hate wars again!

  2. At first i got pretty frustrated cuz the mechanics didn't work as i expected. I didn't start enjoying this till i discovered that your actions have consequences as you try to predict the unpredictable. The physics in this game is amazing and it's just fun watching things grow with the right combination of elements.
    My one gripe is whenever you fail or choose to restart the mission, EVERY cutscene plays again and cant be skipped. Screws with the game flow. I play this on PC with an Xbox pad

  3. Finished this game in half a day. The game is visually stunning in regards to the environment and the effects within the game 🙂 What I find most intriguing is the basis of the storyline which is constantly kept in mystery in regards to "The Ancients" which leaves you the free will of interpretation of what exactly are the Ancients and why they are to be chased. The re-playability of the game is also consistent in my opinion which is a plus 🙂 . 10/10 it was a very unique experience 🙂

  4. looks like a really great game, great review as well, but i cant help but feel it is really a pc game. seems frustrating on a console…. sad

  5. hahha no not me sir. imo the pc is the best gaming system because of all the performance enhancing options you can add. graphics, controllers etc. but i havent had a desktop for a while so i only reminisce over how fun it used to be. but consoles are doing quite fine for me … i just miss the pc…

  6. its not that i dont know shit and like i said i dont want a war so lets keep this to a conversation or debate. but i think that there is nothing a console can do that a pc cannot do. so like i said, imo i see the consoles as inferior to the pc. the pc is what established online gaming, mods or dlc, it did everything consoles did before it was "cool" so again i think the pc triumphs as the best way to play games. but you might think the console only games are better and thats just your opinion

  7. dude do you not read? i said consoles work fine for me. i have a 360 and have had one for like 4-5years. but like i said the pc can do anything a console can do, most of the time better, so yeah they kind of do shit diamonds. like you said consoles are better for their games? lol okay and what games are limited to consoles these days? all 7-8 tittles like resistance and gears of war? everything will eventually be available for the pc, so the pc wins there too haha i mean what age are you from?

  8. dude just give it time. If you were old enough to cross the street without holding mommys hand then you would know thats how things go. back in the 90's when tomb raider was the shit for playstation, people were upset that there was no pc version, and poof, you get tomb raider gold pc only version. but why dont you lay down some knowledge since you seem to know soo much about consoles and how the trump pc's. give some examples, if you can without being a total tard

  9. yeah and its funny how in the arguments, they bring up the same points every fucking person has in every otherfucking argument, its the same shit over and over again -_-

  10. got this on sell for under 4 dollars. Worth playing, but only worth that price. Don't pay full price, not because the game isn't good. It is fairly good. I beat it within 3 sittings…. However, the DRM is horrible. You have to create an account on UPLAY and sign in to it to play it… Kinda sucks…. So don't pay full price.

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