Batman: Arkham City – GameSpot Exclusive Penguin Reveal (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) – Comic-Con 2011

In this GameSpot exclusive trailer for Batman: Arkham City, the Penguin has a big surprise in store for the caped crusader.

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  1. Your so naive, that you base your perception upon a boss fight. This isn't about a boss fight, its about character depth, the presence he has upon arkham city; but you are so young and stupid that you can't grasp that concept.

  2. no the penguin is a great main villain, great backstory and a wonderfull hate for batman and bruce wayne. he was able to be a major, in the tv series he was funny, on returns he is piss off angry and he got great killing devices turn into umbrella's you must be a great crazy villain to do that. A great gang he is running. He co- operate with the joker and other high batman villains. All these things made the penguin in my top 10 and as a main villain. the penguin belongs to the main villains

  3. Depends entirely on how they handle Penguin.
    If you do Penguin as the son of a formerly-wealthy family who HATES Bruce Wayne for "having everything" while his family lost everything, and he's secretly a crime lord/smuggler with his own personal arsenal of Batman-ish gadgets (mostly in the form of a badass umbrella), and then have him wage a personal war on Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises….then Penguin could actually be pretty awesome.

  4. The key to Penguin, IMO, is to make him where he is well respected in Gotham as a wealthy business man, and his Iceberg Lounge is famous….but in reality he has no legitimate source of significant wealth. Everyone THINKS he's got all sorts of legitimate businesses, but really all his money comes from being a crime lord/smuggler, and he uses all his money simply to keep up appearances and make life hell for Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises…and eventually to deal with Batman.

  5. I'm confused, are you talking about Christopher Nolan, the director of the Batman Trilogy, or Nolan North, the voice actor for Penguin and thugs in the Batman games..? XD

  6. i dont think they wanted to repeat him after Burton. he's not as major as a villain as two face and joker (they were musts in the series) but besides that i feel like they wanted a different variety of villains.

  7. I think Nolan wanted to avoid using villains from the past films (apart from the Joker) to avoid having the villains in his films associated with their predecessors.

  8. Honestly, I had no idea he was in Batman Forever, having never really seen the film coherently and in its entirety. I apologize then, but at the same time the example of myself not knowing this might be an argument for the fact that Two-Face is not often associated with Batman Forever.

  9. I had heard of the Flying Graysons story arc, and as a non-comic book purist I was never much of a fan of Robin. As for his portrayal, if it is indeed as you described then perhaps it is for the best that Two-Face is now associated with Nolan's version.

  10. I honestly hope they drop the gritty realism of the Nolan films. I love them, don't get me wrong, but if Marvel have shown anything it's that you can walk the fine line between the fantasy and the real with characters like Thor.
    I mean who heard the announcement for Thor and thought that could possibly work? And yet…it did.

    WB need to really make an effort with their franchises and try to find a consistent tone amongst them or we'll never have a JLA movie!

  11. If you go into the museum and hear all of the pre recordings that penguin made for his "collection", you'll see just how messed up penguin really is

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