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Tour Skyrim's Bethesda Game Studios With Todd Howard

Bethesda Studio’s game director Todd Howard leads Game Informer on a full tour of their studio and offers a few glimpses behind the scenes of Skyrim. Be sure to check out more behind the scenes videos at

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  1. The games may be full of bugs, lagging very much, and may be re-release for an eternity, but, we all love the games, we love to joke about them, and what Bethesda can't fix, fans sometimes do. Also, Todd seems like such a nice guy, you could probably chat with him for hours. Probably even about Indiana Jones!

  2. (1). skyrim game don't have rhythm, it is flat from start to end. If you look at other games such as Assassin Creed black flag game. The game have each part with different good moment.
    (2). Skyrim sword battle is weak. For comparison, Skyrim sword battle is as weak as gunfight game Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.
    For good gunfight game, take a look at COD3 or Vanguish where gamer can have stylish shoot camera-view where you need skill to
    perform that.
    (3). Skyrim lacked different type of gameplay. It is like Web of shadow spiderman game, go to this location to kill x nos of y enemies.

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