Nintendo Press Conference E3 2011

Press Conference – E3 2011 – Nintendo

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  1. Its almost 10 years since my first E3, and i feel the need to do an anniversary special, because this was magical for me, SO CLOSE TO JUNE THOUGH

  2. The Wii U was the last console I felt was announced "properly": announced and revealed the year before its launch, demonstrating its tech and potential and then the following year you focus strictly on the games that will be out at launch, laying out exactly what consumers should expect in the launch window. These days (starting with the PS4 in 2013) the consoles are revealed in the same year that they release, meaning there's no build at all. It's just rushing to the finish line with no time to let people really know what they're buying into.

    I don't think the Xbox One even got revealed until E3 2013 (at least the PS4 was first revealed in February of that year). Even the Switch only had like, what, five months of build before it dropped in March of 2017?

  3. Beim 25sten Zelda Geburtstag wird ein solches Orchester herangeholt und beim 35sten Geburtstag wird hart gesagt von Nintendo auf Zelda geschissen

  4. Great console in some ways, the Wii U, but Nintendo really should've had the console a little more prominently featured, instead of just going on about the "new controller", making it seem like an accessory. I was never confused about it being a console but watching this by itself, I can see how someone might think that.

  5. The Wii U gets so much unreasonable hate. It was ahead of it's time. Maybe it was advertised incorrectly as a "controller" instead of a console, but was innovative, and I'll give Nintendo that. While xbox and PlayStation focus solely on graphics, Nintendo tries to revolutionize, be creative and take chances

  6. I remember watching this back when it aired and having my tiny 12-year-old mind blown by the WiiU concept trailer. Really unfortunate, being on the other side of that console's life cycle and knowing it was all more or less a flop.

    Save for Smash Bros, obviously…

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