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Mass Effect – Creating the Asari – Game Informer

Hear from Bioware’s associate art director Matt Rhodes what it took to create the alien race known as the Asari and how the species evolved and was influenced by different parts within the studio. To see the rest of Game Informer’s Mass Effect…

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  1. the focus on "sex appeal" aside, I love the asari. Liara was such an intelligent voice of reason in the game, and a great teammate. Samara was a badass.

  2. I don't care what you say, if you think a Krogon, Asari and Turians look too similar without face markings you need your eyes examined. Also thought that was meant to be markings on the skin for the Asari not paint? Fair enough

  3. Looks like the Developers took lots of inspiration from the Delvians from Farscape. They re essentially identical except tentacles and unigender

  4. I think Asaris would have looked better with elfic ears, and natural line designs on skin like the tatoos, but natural around their bodies, and spine, like chakras marks.

  5. I like how in ME2 they mentioned how other races see them as their own. Salarian's see them as Salarians. Turians, humans, etc. Mentions how there might be some kind of mind control going on with their species.

  6. I really hope they make an ME4. Andromeda was a huge dumpster fire of a game and was made with the intent of “We don’t know how to continue the story so we’ll disregard the ME3 ending”. An idea that could work for ME4 is using the indoctrination theory where Shepherd is broken out of a trance and actually distorts the reapers, which would be a much better way to retcon the ME3 ending AND continue the story. I imagine Shepherd would settle into Anderson’s apartment with whoever they romanced , and possibly have children, and become part of C-Sec.

  7. I don't find the asari attractive. The head crest and the gill folds behind their neck are rather revolting. Also not having eyebrows on their human-like face makes them look strange.

    But drell I like.

  8. I really like how the writers justified the design in the bachelor party scene in ME2. One of the most memorable Mass Effect moments for me.

  9. What they could have done is created 5 different faces on layers in zbrush and then changed the face output by moving the sliders. If the 5 base faces are different enough they could quickly generate a lot of different looks. Then stitch the unique faces on top of a base body.

  10. Oh he sounded American in the last two videos I watched and then he said process and now I notice every Canadian vowel sound haha 🇨🇦 I'm so tired I forgot everything about Bioware but not that Canada is a place I really would like to be now

  11. I was like:
    "Oh cool, a 10 year old video that they made when ME 1 came out."

    Then I noticed that 10 years ago was 2011 and that ME 1 was released in 2007.

  12. Asari always seemed like the laziest designed race in the beautiful tapestry that is the ME universe. "Sexy blue space babes who live 1000 years and have super powers and can fuck anything!" sounds like a really bad idea I would have had when I was 14 years old.

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