E3 2011 – Kinect Star Wars – Storm Trailer (Xbox 360)

Wield a Jedi lightsaber with your real hands.

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  1. @LPDisturbedHU Well george owns the rights to starwars so what lego makes George makes a big chunk of it; he is making real money. He's being original no one's made the starwars movies in 3D, also if you want BF3 so badly why not be a game designer and come up with a story board have an artist come up with designs for the characters and artwork and so on.

  2. People raging because they can't get what they want cry me a river and build a bridge over it; if you want a certain game great! Go be a game designer and make it yourself after having George Lucas approval.

  3. how would you know what this game is like? have you ever played it… No. So maybe you should play the game first then make your mind up about the game!

  4. in my opinion the gameplay looks terrible, and many people were disappointed with the resulting product being a kinect star wars game, and we all know how well past action games for kinect have done, most people want the classic star wars games to come back, not cheap games that Lucas Arts wants to call an awesome new game that half the time ends up getting bad ratings, this is my opinion, but as you can see, many people agree with me

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