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Darksiders 2 – Game Informer Video Coverage Highlights

A highlights reel for Game Informer’s month-long coverage of Darksiders 2 at

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  1. I love the creators of Darksiders, it was the best rpg I played since Ocarina of Time and FF9. Thanks a lot guys, games for gamers!!

  2. @ALL. Bro get the fuck over it, I take the roll of the character, run around the world and kill shit. It's an RPG. Role playing game. It might be an RPG with a lot of action, that doesn't make it NOT an RPG game. Whichever dumbfuck said Ocarina of Time wasn't an RPG has down syndrome. $10 says you are all in the boat of "OMG but they aren't turn based!". Bunch of muppets.

  3. @blazeeeji I have a pretty good feeling whatever they choose to do will be great. The original Darksiders was executed amazingly. Especially for the studio's first game. I think it will only get better from here on out from these guys. Besides, playing as Death? Come on… that's like the coolest shit ever itself. I was actually hoping if they did a 2nd game they would use him as the main character, so this game is already on my good side. 😀

  4. I also feel the first game was way underated. I've played it through like 5 times already since it came out, and I've never played a 20 hour game that many time through, so consecutively. Such awesome replay value. The reviews pissed me off, because I almost didn't buy the game thinking it would just be mediocre. Luckily a friend of mine had bought it on a whim, and I played it over his house for about an hour, and left his house and went directly to Gamestop to purchase it. lol

  5. @logank365 I agree. Darksiders is my favorite RPG/3rd-Person-Hack-And-Slash game aside from the Kingdom Hearts franchise and seeing that I'll never see one of those ever again… Darksiders has taken my heart all together. BUT! I will disagree that Strife and Fury are going to be hard to do. Strife's Pistols will actually be pretty easy combat but you have got to think that he is most likely going to be wielding a sword of some sort. Along with Strife. Though the whip by itself is pretty cool.

  6. @abbrown38 I know that thanks but I'm just wondering if those 7 images are different versions of death (doubt it) or just monsters you can kill. The one in the top right looks kinda like Death.
    @Bigtimerkillr lol thought they showed his face without the mask.

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