The History of Mortal Kombat

Join us as we take a look back at the history of Mortal Kombat for Video Game History Month 2011.

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  1. Wow I disagree on what they said after MK3. I dont think these guys know anything about MK. N64, Saturn, PS1 was the time MK4 came out. At that time everything was about 3D gaming, that was the norm. MK in 3D at that time was amazing. Everyone was excited about it. It felt right at home in 3D, gameplay was the same. Then MK went down hill after Special Forces. In fact 2D gaming was a thing of the past. Capcom didn't do fighting games for like 8 years. Only games were like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, 3D games. Sure SNK still did 2D games but it never captured peoples attention. MK:DA revived MK from the grave, of course in 3D because that was the norm. It wasent until Capcom did SF4 that it brought back 2D fighting back, they showed that 2D can still be awesome in the modern age, kind of revolutionary. From that influence Ed Boon did MK9 back to 2D. The MK in 3D was ok at that time, in fact they were great games thats why i disagree with this video.

  2. Here's a bit of advice:
    Get people who don't state their opinions as fact. 
    If half of the stuff they said was actually true, MK would be dead and buried. 

  3. Ok I'll agree that mk4 was trash, except for the "continue" part when ur character fell on the spikes. But for that guy saying mk3 WASNT the pinnacle of the mk series, he obviously don't know dick about mk. Mk2 was great, but umk3 was perfected

  4. Alright I don't think these guys know that much about MK because they ridiculed good MK games like MK3, so here is my list of the good and the bad MK games of my opinion.

    The Good:
    MK: Deception
    MK: Sholin Monks
    MK: Armageddon
    MK X

    The Bad:
    MK: Deadly Alliance
    MK vs DC ( I honestly don't know about this one )

    What u guys think of my list?

  5. this is so awful it's scary! These guys aren't Mortal Kombat fans, at times they sound like all their doing is regurgitating Frank Yagami's mindless dribble. Really, these guys could've saved everyone precious time here by simply saying "we liked MK2, everything else sucked, the end". This is one of the worst "history of's" I've ever had to listen to, and mind you, I've sat through "The Ultimate Self Destruction of The Ulimate Warrior". Really, would it be so hard to get some guys who actually played some of the games that came out after 1995 on here?

  6. I always hated this game, but watching these retro docs, I now really understand it , the tech problems they had in realising thier concept, problems with censorship, Van dam etc
    The block button for realistic blocking and countering

    Blows my mind

    And the movie was the only good video game movie

  7. I really love mortal kombat armageddon cause it does have all of the previous mortal kombat arcade characters from the previous six fighting video games and it also features sareena from mortal kombat mythologys sub zero and it does have all of the bosses to

  8. I love mortal kombat it's definitely one of the best fighting game's ever made. I think they are still good I mean I like the newest one's like mortal kombat, mortal kombat x and mk11. I really like the dlc character's for the newer one's. I think it's so cool to be able to play as Jason, leatherface, freddy, predator, robo cop, terminator and all the other's in a mortal kombat game. Injustice is really good to and there dlc character's are really cool like hellboy, ninja turtle's and all the other's. I like alot of the mortal kombat game's there's only a few I didn't like or care for.

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