GameSpot Reviews – LA Noire Review (PS3, Xbox 360)

Carolyn Petit investigates the dark side of the City of Angels in this video review for L.A. Noire.

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  1. People are so dam negative now a dayz you should be ashamed to be talking bad about another human being why do you need to do that why can't you just keep to yourself instead of trying to put someone down to make you feel better everybody now a days try's to get a laugh from strangers on a comment section instead about talking about the game do yourself a a favor keep you negativity to yourself

  2. Thug life all day treat others as you would wanna be treated enlighten the masses quit being negative at the end of day people wil do what they want cause no one wants to be wrong I guess it's just the way it is

  3. Hey people. What the fuck?! Is it so important if she is male or female ? Did you come here to judge this person ? Just watch de review. Its a good review and its all that matters. Peace

  4. Wow. If I looked at these comments before the video, I'd never have guessed I was watching a video game review. I'm ashamed to be human right now.

  5. That 'thing' shouldn't be allowed to review anything, let alone a videogame so manly as LA Noire. It's a misstep from Gamespot and a travesty, literally.

  6. Amazing Review , She did a very good & Detailed review coving all points of the game! I just bought this game so , From this review it looks like I bought a good one!

  7. I'm watching this review in 2016 and wow the comments here are so disgusting. Thought the reviewer did a pretty good job and hope she gets to read this. Don't let the negativity bring you down.

  8. An excellent review. Makes me want to try the game. Any complaints in regard to this review are from small-minded people.

  9. Bought this game over the weekend. Never even heard about it until I picked it up and looked at the cover. I'm completely hooked and spent over 10 hours on it on my first day playing.

    Picking the wrong choices in questioning is frustrating and also how things don't add up at all. One case I put away a hobo but there was tyre tracks at the crime scene.. I guess it will make sense once I complete the game.

  10. Its too bad people gave Carolyn such a hard time to the point where she quite the industry. The content of her review here is pretty spot on and she points out a few aspects that other reviewers missed.

  11. Men, women, and objects alike: If you want people to pay attention to what you're saying, don't bombard them with distractions (like a name and style of dress that doesn't match your voice or appearance). Call this "homophobic", "transophobic", whatever you want. But some things are just plain going to distract.

  12. what ever her Gender is.. you should RESPECT her! she's not here for your complaint about her gender or something she's here to review this game! RESPECT guys… don't you have any manners!

  13. Wow this comment section is absolutely disgusting. Don't call someone a "thing" just because they live the way they want to. You people have no place judging someone for being what they want to be.

  14. Grow up, people. Carolyn's game reviews are some of the best. I'm almost 50 and have no problem with how she wants to live her life. I thought you millennials were supposed to be so incredibly open-minded.

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