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Dirt 3 is a superb off-road racer that adds some great new features and improves upon its predecessor at just about every opportunity.

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  1. No. You don't need the wheel for any racing game. It's an optional choice. If they started making the racing wheel mandatory, there'd be a lot pissed off people. Although the racing wheel is fun, it requires a lot more skill. So, more power to you if your racing wheel skills are on par with the controller.

  2. im getting sick of this game, i like every mode BUT GYMKHANA. why the fuck is it in the game, dirt to me is all about different RALLY modes, and trailblazer etc. due to this fucking awefull game mode, i am still struggling to complete it. if they make a 4th game, GET RID OF THIS.

  3. if you have amazon prime, this is game up for sale for $15.59.. which isn't bad. i'm not advertising, just saying.. thats a good price considering their listed price is $60 lol. not a bad price for the game if ur looking for the best bang for ur buck

  4. @Filleisdaman I reckon dirt is better. More challenging AI, Varied surfaces of track, More adjustable difficulty. But if u just want to race on road get NFS but I'd recommend DiRT to u.

  5. The review is great! DiRT 3 Is a masterpiece racing game! Amazing graphics, beautiful tracks, fun multiplayer, difficult events. And ofcourse DC Compunt, and legandary Audi Quattro s1 <3

  6. An absolutely brilliant game, everyone should pick up especially since they recently released the complete version, and finally completely killed off GFWL.

  7. Dirt 3 is easily the best racer I have ever played and I pray, I pray that there is a dirt 4 for next gen consoles ๐Ÿ˜€ dirt 3 was at times so beautiful that an untrained eye wouldn't know it's a game. Even driveclub has a tough job competing.

  8. DiRT 3 is an excellent game, but sadly it doesn't have real Trophy Trucks. DiRT had a more Dakar oriented off road experience. DiRT 2 was more all about Baja, and DiRT 3 went for circuit and showcase events, which kinda makes me as a player, somehow disappointed. I wish they'll include more off road variations on the next DiRT game, specially Baja Trophy Trucks, or at least LOORS stadium trucks

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