GameSpot Reviews – Mortal Kombat Video Review (PS3, Xbox 360)

Over-the-top, bloody, and bursting with content, Mortal Kombat is a return to form for the franchise.

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  1. I have loved mortal kombat from really 1st one but this was not what i was hoping. It was way down to time it is at the moment. I did get really fast bored to those bone breaking demos, not enought moves and 2D have been death for me for ages already.

  2. Why does Mass effect 3 video review has a age-protection(you have to be 18+ to be able to watch the videi) but this video does not?

  3. I wanna play this BUT I played this with my older brother once and was overwhelmed at how gory the game was. I like Mortal Kombat in 2D gore, but 3D and X-Ray added goodness gets to me for some reason.

    How do I overcome this?

  4. Personally, I think those moves that shows your fighters' skeleton (x-ray moves) are dumb. They take away the glory of the actual fatality moves. They aren't necessary. But in all honesty, games like this shouldn't exist. Especially with all the crazy minded people out in this world.

  5. So I got back on this game and bro. This game fighting is cheeks I swear to god bro. I be hitting them combos to see I do 1/16 of damage when the ai hits me with 4 hits and I lose 3/4 of my health

  6. Wish List:

    Stage Select

    "Select Your Character, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Final Round, K.O., Double K.O., Time's Up, You Win, & You Lose" sound effect

    Japanese Voices

    Opening Credit Sequence

    Opening Movie

    Mortal Kombat voice title

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