Gears of War 3 Beta Gameplay Demo with Rod Fergusson (Xbox 360)

Rod Fergusson, executive producer for Gears of War 3 at Epic Games walks us through some parts of the upcoming Beta Demo with a little play by play action.

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  1. @MRmudkipz99 yeah resistance is totally going to kick this games ass yet this game has broken sales records and ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET!!!!!

  2. people keep comparing their favorite games to this, and it used to be annoying, but now i realize that they are just jealous, people HATE a game they themselves are not good at or that they cannot buy, plus the also compare it to this because they know if there was a scale it would be from 1 to GEARS OF WAR 3, and they know that GOW3 is the only game worth competing with, people always hate on the best and this time peiople know this game is really the best, they are just compensating.

  3. Looks like pretty cool MP and I own a Ps3 and not a 360. But to be honest it doesn't look like much has changed from its predecessors.. (I've watched full LP's on 1 & 2 out of personal interest.)

  4. u guys need to add dots so you can free aim better..i hate being up close and i miss because its hard to line the gun up the you enemy.

  5. @shadowkid1993 I guess new characters, guns, new multiplayer games, beast mode, horde 2.0, an end to the trilogy, 4 player co-op, and a campainge longer than the previous 2 combined doesnt count as anything new.

  6. All these new games are coming out and i dont know which to get. Gears Of War 3, Saints Row The Third, Halo Combat Evolvolved, Halo 4, and Assasins Creed Revelations.

  7. @Gamerzrockx I agree completely, but I believe it's best just to ignore them because they are trolls after all, and they just feed off of your hate. If you ignore them, they eventually go away.

  8. @Gamerzrockx I own both consoles but the way your putting is xbox fanboys don't do the same thing on ps3 vids and act like trolls?
    Now what i want to stop is console wars i mean really it's just a game, and I to agree with what ur saying but when u say that u should be referring to all the ps3 and xbox 360 trolls and maybe the pc if they come in.

  9. @Gamerzrockx Hey I just want the console wars to stop plus when i see trolls say any sequel to any game looks exactly the same, it makes me wonder how retarded they are because when they say that it sounds like they are expecting the sequel to whatever game has to be completely different for example (COD gameplay in the first game to borderlands game play in the sequel?) now it wouldnt make sense which is why sequels to games keep the same gamplay. thumbs up to show trolls their retarded

  10. Cover and shoot, cover and shoot, cover and shoot…….. this is why i find this game so boring D: its just…… not anything special……

  11. @Jamie91J actually I meant to say it was a small grammar mistake and u said spelling mistake. Now I cant spell a word wrong if i typed in a different word so u should be saying that I said Their instead of they're. duh.

  12. @Jamie91J I know i said i was going to ignore ur next comment but u really sound dumb because i guess u don't know how to read my comment that said "I made a grammar mistake" and when did i ever say that Their was right. The more u reply the more angry u seem, and its hilarious because i'm not even insulting u and u take it so seriously anyway u sensitive person.

  13. @boberto0828 I honestly stopped giving a shit about console wars the first time I saw a poorly written sentence like "z0mgzorz lyk3 t3h PS3 IS S0000 MUCH BETTARZ"
    were is teh luv? teh luv teh luv teh luv teh luv

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