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Class flexibility, a solid infrastructure, and an element of unpredictability keep Rift from feeling like just another online fantasy game.

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  1. After playing ESO Beta and using its incredibly bare HUD, I can't go back to these kinds of games where the HUD takes up literally 30, 40% of the screen…

  2. it seems like people have been focasing too much on combat and not enough on skill sets, or other things like mining, crafting, etc. which was the basic foundation of rpgs. anyone know any games like that?

  3. wow used to be better now they r both just as good as each other (rift has the benefit of being f2p and no GAME cost just a subscription plan)

  4. highly recommend this game to anyone who doesn't mind tab target combat. Simply the best game out there, f2p, not p2w.. seriously NOT p2w. Great graphics, great gameplay… great game in overall.

  5. Off the bat… I wasn't very impressed.  It took me like 1 day and 1/2 to download.  When I started playing, I didn't love it right away. I just started so I need to give it more time.  City of Steam wowed me a lot more from the start and that's a browser based mmo. I was  able to start playing within a few minutes.

  6. Only flaw I notice in the game is Bahmi should be able to hold 2-handed weapons in each hand like the TITANS GRIP ability in WoW cause they are big like the real life Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson and British strongwoman Donna Moore. She lifted 733 lb stones off the ground in each hand. He walked several feet carrying a 420 lb stone. Bahmi are also fooking big. TITANS GRIP FOOS DAFOOK UP WIF DAT?! 😛

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