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This sequel is slow to show off its best features, but once it does, you won’t want to stop playing.

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    Even now I'm still trying to get used to it but it's so annoying, especially when I then start up the original and notice I still own with the same char, same opponent and same circumstances (level/AI/Gear/Acc).
    I've played the original for hundreds of hours yet in duodecim I got my ass handed to me in a handicap match (lvl100 -vs- 100~105, no gear no acc -vs- full gear full acc) that I always used to do as a warm-up.
    And don't even get me started on that whole 'assist' BS ;).


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    All in all this is a great game to play if you haven't played the original dissidia, but if you have… better skip this one.

  3. O thought you meant FF in general. Yea a vita dissidia would be nice but i do hope they put in a good story mode. Still cant get past the "farm" concept the dissidias have. Only got squall and a few others to 100 before getting bored.

  4. i havent played this yet but if what you say is true then i wont bother. The whole farm for weapons and shallow leveling and story mode in dissidia is bad enough. Combat pretty nice though.

  5. If this was completely remade for next gen consoles with a beast ass story mode the same fighting mechanics vs mode online multiplayer when you can choose your side and both teams collide and a HUGE free for all mode 0_0

  6. Loved this game. Hope they make a new one on the Vita, or the PS4 and Vita. They could add so much. 2v2, battle royale, party battles with friends against iconic monsters, a story revolving around Shinryu instead of Cosmos and Chaos, adding characters from their spin-offs as well as more characters from the main series (and XV). 

  7. This is my all-time favourite PSP game. Poured +300 hours into the first one and going to put a lot more than that into this one.

  8. "There is a lot shallow talk of friendship and loyalty wehere all the characters use a lot of words to say nothing of any meaning"
    Soooo pretty much like 90% of JRPG's then

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