Mortal Kombat Liu Kang Story Trailer

Liu Kang faces off against a few old faces in this exclusive trailer for Mortal Kombat!

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  1. @IceCipriani21 scorpion is a burning soul or something one of the game makers said something about him being immortal,believe me its either another sub-zero or nothing to the way scorpion has to many fans to be kicked in the ass by a average powered character like sub-zero.i mean it has to be raiden or someone more powerful.just saying.

  2. @IceCipriani21 i dont know about you man but i think scorpion is better cuz he got burn your ass move and turn into smoke and go behind his enemy not to forget the spear trick kicking ass since the last decade,he is a real badass.while sub-zero only ices you and turn himself into ice to ice you and slide on ice and hit you then like everybody plays with him TURN you into ICE and everything is in ice. he is also a boring complicated person who got revenge in his brain 24/7.(ice sword)

  3. @SuperTheblackhand hey i agree with you. scorpion has more and better moves. they are easy to perform as well as fatalities. he can teleport, harpoon, and easy combos.

  4. His fatality is ripping someone's heart out now? That's KANO! Not Liu Kang, let him go Shaolin Soccer on someones head or fire blast them into a million pieces.

  5. I keep a red dot, red glock, blue flame, feet hanging out the window, jock my shoe game.. Cuz all my kicks fly like Liu KANG!!!! Intro to the Greatest Single Fighter Ever.. MKTrilogy Reigns… MK Sees Nobody….

  6. Liu Kang trained in Shaolin, but after he left he learned Jeet Kune Do. His profile says he knows it in MK9. He is based on Bruce Lee. Obviously he knows it.

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