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This role-playing sequel’s big world and seemingly countless quests make it easy to overlook its wrinkles.

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  1. More stuff to do in the game and a much bigger map with more enemies and quest would be great,and fixing the minor problems and a better story line kinda like the first one, and it would be a great game too play

  2. I loved skyrim when I first played it, but I feel like its not complex enough it's to simple. There's not a lot of weapon types or armour their is no stats etc no classes no mounts. Skyrim could be sick if it was more of a mmorpg with attack powers and things like that and raids that drop rate stat gear and shit. It would be amazing but it's to simple :/ and they still haven't released ps3 dlcs which is getting me furious

  3. I bought this game used a few months ago, on a whim, and have only played it a few times. It looks really nice and seems like it could be enjoyable but the menus just rub me the wrong way. I can't explain it, the menus are important in an RPG, and the ones in this game just feel…..weird.

  4. Skyrim, for me was overwhelmingly underwherlming. If that makes sesnse haha. Like, the first time I play it, I was in awe, then I realised every 2nd quest was the same (fetch) and as you said, there really isn't that much variety in gear.

  5. most rpg's are.. Lord of the Rings is like the source of everything good of an rpg, so i dont see any problem here.

  6. Nope you ether go steel armor dragon fur iron deadric leather and some more but dude oblivion was like omg dude tell me how to get that armor i hadn't seen it before even though i have played this gae for 50 hours lol

  7. You didn't play it for very long then. KOA Reckoning has a reputation for being a FINANCIAL failure that resulted in its developer and publisher not only going bankrupt but ending up in a court case which they lost. They're fucked for life. Two Worlds II on the other-hand sold better and has a decent score on metacritic if you're using that for your "rep" not to mention that KOA is a clone of Fable and TES mashed together. It's not even worth it.

  8. Not to mention KOA came out at the same time as Dragon's Dogma, the superior open world RPG which has an expansion that only came out this year and is still updated with challenges from Capcom. KOA just doesn't live up to the competition while Two Worlds 2 at least manages to offer something new and original to stand out.

  9. Two Worlds II also got eight star reviews. Meanwhile there are such bad reviews for Amalur. Official Xbox Magazine UK gave Amalur a 7 and both G4 TV and Game Critics gave it a 5.

    The point is that calling Two Worlds 2 a piece of shit is your opinion. It's hardly the truth when quite a few enjoyed it. Amalur on the other-hand was a tired rehash of the same thing. Even the reviewers who gave it a good score agreed.

  10. Looking for an open world single player rpg that focuses on items, variety of hero build and good combat mechanics. I DONT care about the story, music, voice acting, graphics or story.
    All suggestions are welcomed. thank you!

  11. well done review. Congrats!
    casual casual casual
    oh crap
    oh wait, looting superbly?
    i love looting.
    funny how negative your review sounds, and i'll order this one soon for 360 😉

  12. If anyone out there is still interested in playing this game online with our group of players, add GT: Sordahons wrath. on Xbox 360, if the game allows us to play on the xbox 1 we will play for many years to come. We mostly pvp, but gladly help anyone gear and lvl up. ofc there is mods in the game, we however try to keep legit as possible, also i personally play tw1 aswell

  13. I can't wait to buy this game. The stupid Gamestop guy told me that this game was awful and I should avoid it. I doubt that he's an RPG player anyway. I stopped listening to him after he recommended me Gears Judgement. I was a huge Gears fan, yet Judgement was garbage and a waste of $10. This game looks incredible. I still only have a 360 and I'm running out of games to play. This one looks decent at the very least. The combat doesn't look that bad at all, better than Skyrim combat that's for sure. I play rpgs for choices here and there and for quests. That's why I love Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning right now and why I loved Dragon Age Origins and II so much. I 100%ed Skyrim disc only at 140 hours. For $20 and less this looks like a good RPG. I'm not looking for the best RPG of all time, a decent one will be OK for me.

  14. After playing every rpg i can get my hands on since the early 80s, and then open world rpgs in the early 2000s that will always be my #1 favorite type of game. I can say besides a select few, Two Worlds will always my all time favorite game ever. Two Worlds=A+ Two….. Im extremely excited for Two Worlds 3, it will be so amazing guaranteed

  15. Two Worlds is the best open world rpg ever created…. It 110% can compete with TES series. Specially now that Bethesda cares more about screwing people for money than making people happy with there games. You would think after becoming a very famous and well known development studio after being so successful with Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim that they would be focusing on TES 6 instead of new games that possibly will fail. The micro transactions prove there greed. But what Zenimax did to The Elder Scrolls Online with releaseing "One Tamriel" that destroyed the entire game by level syncing and scaling gear and stats making all armor and weapons very similar in power and stats and removed the entire purpose of playing an mmo or rpg…..Character Progression….. Champion points are ok but the old system with Veteran ranks and no level or gear scaling made ESO the best Mmo ever created. One Tamriel destroyed the Elder Scrolls Online and after playing everyday for 2 years i quit afew days after One Tamriel released

  16. Man, this review takes me back. I was huge into open world RPGs back when I first got my Xbox 360, I would always watch the GameSpot review because Kevin VanOrd would usually be in charge of reviewing those types. Simpler times!

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