GameSpot Reviews – Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (PS3, Xbox 360)

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The classic crossover series triumphantly returns to usher in a new age of heroes.

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  1. @shadowkid1993 because the prequel is better. It has more characters and i personally prefer the 2D sprites on MVC2 to the 3d guys on MVC3.

  2. @rajlle same here….but of course all the haters are gonna talk smack and all that stuff. I'm glad a better version of it is coming out in a a few more weeks

  3. @downwitursyztem I would recommend naruto ultimate ninja storm. There are 3 of them and it took me a very short amount of time to begin to kick butt. Great game.

  4. This game is the best fighting game I've ever had i remember when it first came out i went and bought it cost me around $70 at gamestop i also remember the dude who sold me the game was a total piece of ?

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