Crysis 2 Multiplayer Progression Part 1: The Nanosuit

Learn more about the suit you’ll be dominating the multiplayer battlefield in with this look at Crysis 2!

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  1. Just so you guys know I played the 360 version and the controls felt sluggish and restrained. It could be that the PC version is much better, but I'm thoroughly disappointed with the game play.

  2. i luv crysis i have the 1st one and the expansion. i cant wait for this one to come out. this should be the only game that u should juge for its graphics cuz their friken sick! the multi in the 1st one didnt seem that good either but still addictive but its the single player that im really looking forward to.

  3. @XMarkusMaximusX ha-ha-ha wow look at this smart man making fun of other people wow he is so cool. wow look how experienced he is. WOW look at his manners; calling people sir. Wow, look how he makes other people feel bad, calling them watermelon brains…? Wow. and I love the way you encourage people to hate on you. Well you asked for it and here it is: You are a stupid insignificant speck on the internet who is "smart" enough to hate on people while completely ignoring the topic of the video.

  4. @XMarkusMaximusX P.S. I love Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield games, Quake, and Call of Duty (gasps coming from ignorant dumbasses who think they are smart and experienced for hating on the biggest franchise in video games).

  5. heres the thing< if this game's multiplayer is as good as we've heard it's gonna be a hell of a game, but if they do like the Call of Duty trying to please the ppl this game is gonna end up like MW2 ok now CRYTEK if you're watching this video and you guys see that this game takes of pretty well and then u guys are thinking of making another another sequel DONT LISTEN TO THE PEO[LE if this multiplayer's pretty good then dont change anything except the menu and the maps but PLEASE DONT WRECK THIS

  6. lol remember camping in the demo… i got lots of points. sniper rifle + stealth +camp = kill and then move to next spot lol

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