Supremacy MMA Get on Your Knees Trailer

Action-packed new trailer for Supremacy MMA!

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  1. @goonking94 "unsanctioned, underground, unlicensed, uncompromising." that is not what ufc was back in the day. this game looks like shit.

  2. This is a bad representation of MMA…. MMA is much more 'honorable' …
    Pride Grand Prix was the best in MMA yet…
    btw, MMA should not be thought in cages but in normal boxing rings (like everywhere else in the world). Dana White destroyed Pride and now promoting pseudo MMA in UFC. This is not MMA – this is street fighting. – in MMA there are rules (e.g. no elbows).

  3. @BoredLikeHelI no how am i wrong and a 12 year old ufc fan i said the unified rules and judging are completley fucked up and favor wrestlers wich is the truth dumbass

  4. @rickyd454 once again, no. you probably loved a fighter that was doing mostly stand up and that got dominated on the floor so he lost, and you cried to your mom.

    im sorry, but youre the dumbass

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