Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – Episode 3 Trailer (US Version)

Wesker, X-23, Arthur, and more battle it out for a mysterious vial in episode 3 of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds!

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  1. To be fair though, she wasn't done any justice. Nor was Deadpool in Origins. In the grand scheme of things, they can be easily forgotten as neither contribute to the story (at least for the movies).

  2. I never liked X-23 because she is simply the girl version of Wolverine.
    like maybe a Iron Woman or like Spider-Girl
    female versions
    only She-Hulk is different….. If you know what I mean =D

  3. ROFL that would involve some stealth, x 23 had incredibly hungry look in her eyes when she was in the hulk's arms.

    sorry american boy but you are dumber than a mouse, learn some vocabulary.

  4. i get your point but your even wrong because they have too many things in common….
    OBVIOUSLY they are mutants
    they nhave adamantium bones and claws (only that X-23 has them alson in her feet)
    they have a very bad temper
    and most important Wolverine is also called X (for for Weapon X) and X-23 (Weapon X-23)
    and also Deadpool is X-11 and Sabretooth X-14 (don't remember his)

  5. ok … i understood something else but that doesn't mean that you have to go around calling people asshats or idiots… your not perfect either…. I was talking about their abilities and powers….. not their fighting styles….. so you're the real asshat seeing as you criticise people when you were in the wrong… i said that i on't like x-23 because her powers are too similar to wolverines…. not her fighting style… so we were arguing on 2 separate things

  6. it is like saying thet sabretooth and wolverine are the same…. no they are not….. they may have same fighting style( even though sabretooth is more strength than agility) but they have also different abilitie and powers…. sooo i'm sorry for being a fucking asshat

  7. Every fighting game should have a story mode like MK has. There is just no excuses anymore. They did and so can Capcom. Neatherealms has set the bar and we should not accept anything below it.

    P.S. X-23 <3

  8. by the way x23 only has admantium claws she escaped the facility before they gave her a metal skeleton also they took out her claws made them covered with admantium then put them back in

  9. I don't understand something. Is this following continuity? Because X-23 escaped the lab before they could make her skeleton fully adamantium, which means her claws are still bone. She mentioned in the comics that they can break, unlike Wolverine's.

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