Prince of Persia Trilogy Video Preview

Alastair Stevenson takes a look at the Prince’s HD remake to see whether these games have stood the test of time.

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  1. It doesn't really support 1080p. On my FullHD monitor MK 2011 works in 1080p (it's seen in the menu "Information" – 1920*1080), but all three POP games show 1280*720 (720p), though on the box it is written to have 1080p.

    Ubisoft directly lies to customers. Though all three games are awesome.

  2. 2:03… what they have done with the face of the prince… i loved his facial expresion in this part when i played the game on my PC… it doesnt look so good now… its ugly…

  3. @mosu95 and the funny thing is that they'd screwd up his face only on Warrior Within and kept the other two original. They are persisting in screwing up Prince's face on Warrior Within, and plus that stupid face model of Forgotten Sands. I dont know what the hell are those guys thinking, the only answer i can think of is that they are fanboys of Sands of Time and they are screwing Warrior Within on purpose.

  4. @nerftendo005 Hmmm…Honisty, what's the diffrence between getting killed and getting pulled back up to you last safe standing place and having enemys health regenerate? There is LITTRALY no diffrence, it just cuts out the BS of death.
    But that game of aweful for….other reasons.

  5. @lolzomgz1337 But… not in Russia))) I have a licence box saying 720p1080i1080p. So, pretty much, our distributors fucked up))

  6. can anyone help me i have a SDTV. can these games at all be played on a SDTV. please pm me if you can help so i can buy these awesome games

  7. The best trilogy. not only was entertaining pop, her story is inspired by classic Arabian nights, the atmosphere is accompanied with great music only to blend Asian rhythms and characters are of great charisma.

  8. 3D maybe? xbox can't do 3d as far as i know…Pc can. it could have been released on it also…but anyway…
    I got it… appreciating it till now!

  9. You know, in the 2:06 part of the hd game, the princes face does look odd, especially when i compare the same scene on a different tab on my laptop of the original version walk through on youtube..oh well, it's the gameplay that matters, not the looks. But it's still frustrating.. thankfully its only the one game from the trilogy with this facial error.

  10. They could at least have switched the character models in game for those in the fmvs…. that would make one hell of a diference (except in T2T because those were goddam awful >_<). And the WW prince looks like a douce, what happened to his face textures? D=

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