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This motion-controlled sports collection doesn’t do much for solo players, but it’s fun to play with friends both locally and online. Justin Calvert gives you the lowdown.

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  1. whenever i see a comment saying "thumbs up if ur watching this in 2011" im gonna give them a thumbs down. take that losers. yes, we are all watching in 2011 clearly, since that is the year we are in!

  2. @TheGabrielZaum I'm saying that they were acclaimed by making sexy games like Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country, etc. Now the games are trash and the straight out said that they're about being "hugely successful" and that they don't care about the fans.

  3. @Gurumonkeys The first. Season two pisses me off too much. You could get both though. 1 for bowling, volleyball, track, and table tennis. 2nd for golf.

  4. The easiest way to force a change in the games industry is to stop purchasing Call of Duty.

    You want innovation and fresh games again? Force publishers to take risks on new IPs by not purchasing CoD. Gamers need to take a united front and show publishers we're sick of brown and gray shooters. And the best way to do that is hit them where it hurts most: their profits.

    If publishers and developers realize the gaming public is no longer interested in the same old shooters, they'll try NEW things.

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