GameSpot Reviews – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Video Review

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Though occasionally enjoyable, this Force-powered sequel is a mere apprentice to its superior predecessor.

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  1. It's a decent review. I usually like this reviewer but… WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THAT THE MASTER THING WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!? Come on that was so awkward. I thought he would only use it for intro but it dragged on and on, Just for that I'll give it a dislike.

  2. This game is a broken mess on xbone bc. Had a bunch of crashes. I had a door that wouldn't open and I had to just restart from the menu. And five minutes ago I ran into a situation where I had no control over the character or the camera so I just let those spider bot things kill me. Which led to a black screen with just my power bars. And then It erased my save file so the already bland gameplay I now have to redo over again. Except I don't cuz I'm now done with it and done with my rant to strangers on the internet are not going to even see anyways since this is what, like a 6 year old game at least. Oh well, the first one worked pretty much flawlessly on xbone and mostly held up for anyone who cares or made it this far

  3. The whole "master" thing would have been funny if he delivered it better. This is one of those things you look back on and think, "wtf was I thinking?".

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