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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a comprehensive reboot of the series, offering improved gameplay and a host of great new features.

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  1. @MSNDBZ24 I tried fifa, I am not saying it is bad or anything, I am just saying I like pes better, I grew up with pes, that may be why… we all have different tastes in stuff. I think if fifa and pes would combine, you know fifa gameplay + pes graphics, it would be the best soccer game out there.. 😀

  2. @jurassicpark4ever, OMG u dont no nothing about me so how can u say that, more people play fifa than PES because its more realistic and thats not an opinion thats a fact oh and byw i play for Fulham youth team

  3. i can't understand people who consider a game where the opposition throws the ball in the exact same spot when they get a throw in close to your 16 meter box the best football sim, a game where at replays in certain angles the spectators are seen with their backs towards the pitch (!!!!), a game where when the opponents defence gets the ball outside the box after a corner, there's always one of your teammates there to try a ridiculous volley shot (which almost always goes meters out). pes? pssss

  4. @Calinn86 also i never seen ronaldo, messi or other players doing one of their tricks, they just get the ball and run with it like blind people with a ball tied to their legs, until they crash into a defender.the gameplay is so stupidly anoying, that the great graphics can't make me like this game at all. i'm not saying fifa is much better, but at least there i don't get bored with so many childlishly stupid programming mistakes and if i try hard, i can pretend i play a realistic football game

  5. It just needs that fast and slick physics engine from PES 6 to make the series good again. Ever since 2008, it became sluggish on controls and having to copy some of Fifa's game modes.

  6. this game is totally awful, wors soccer simulator ever. the ai players are absolutely dumb, passing system dumb, controls are dumb, the only good thing is the graphics and physics. but fucking prick ass programming makes this game a pain in the ass. Casual gamers stick to fifa series, and konami stick to metal gear and shit…

  7. its amazing…it took me a day or two to get used to it and then i thought it was the best football game ever.

    how long did you try and play it for? a match or two at your mates house??

  8. "pass the ball to a player and he walks away "

    ive played this game thousands of times and ive never had this problem.

    dont hate the game just ebcause you have no skill at it. if you play it properly its awesome, fluid and the best soccer game ever made.

  9. naw i had it myself and played it on ps3, fifa is WAY better, believe me. I played both fifa and pes series since long time ago, however i dont think pes is going the right way…

  10. I dont agree with you. People have different preferences which is ok.

    But I hate when people say "FIFA is better" as if its a fact when its only an opinion.

    I prefer PES..but never say its a better game(since that as subjective as a taste in music).

  11. Well i dont want to make you think any game is better as its really subjective, however fifa series gets much better reviews than pes, so that shows something. I loved PES 5, it was so new, so different, but later their improvements were not so great. However i'll wait until Fifa 13 and PES 13 to make further judgements, i can play both as i love football.

  12. Pes 11 had some sweet graphics. A lot nicer to watch than newer games. If only the mechanics were as good as pes 13

  13. if only the newer pes titles had similar or better player graphics as this, lighting effects from pes 2013 and mechanics. also with more licences if not all of them. pes is from pes 11 pes has started to become better. ignore pes 12.

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