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Ghost of Sparta offers stunning environments and brutal combat, but a few issues get in Kratos’ way.

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  1. @alihassan1998 This game is rated M.
    But do like me and get the demo instead of the full game. they dont show nude stuff

  2. @sheedrock1 unfortunately… Yup. There are some smart guys and some kick ass guys on here. But there are also the:
    And so on…

  3. i havnt played my psp in a month. and i obviously forgot how fun they are because when i saw this video all i said to myself was. im going to play this game!

  4. what's weird about the 8 they gave this game is that all the negatives pointed out in this video (apart from the easy boss fights) came from hardware issues with the psp (small screen, annoying analog, and it not being able to process fast enough).. So really based on that it should get a 9-9.5 rather than an 8…

  5. i have one since 2010 but in that time i was should wait little more and buy a ps3 by now :/
    i will get one soon or later im still saving money :S
    i have ps1 , ps2 , psp and will get ps3

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