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Enslaved is an affecting adventure that makes strong use of its characters and story to create a believable world.

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  1. I honestly do not understand how this game didn't sell that well. One of the best narratives I've seen in a long time and the gameplay, minus a few hiccups here and there, never got dull. I wish the ending had a little more to it but that's minor.

  2. Wow even females take a liking to this game. I'm excited to play this game on my channel for my viewers. I'm actually SUPER pumped since it's based off of Journey to the West, I'm a HUGE Sun Wukong fan! :3

  3. Havent tried the console versions. Just got the pc version and it runs silk smooth on my i5 3570k and gtx670. Played through 3 chapters so far since yesterday and it feels very cool and promising.

  4. This game is awesome! Its totally worth $15-$20 bucks! I loved the story, the graphics and the sound…annoying camera sometimes during combat and too basic combat system were the cons for me, but overall the game is beautiful and deserves to be part of your game collection.

  5. I remember picking this game up a long time ago, having no idea what it was. It ended up being one of my favorite games of all time. The environment is extremely beautiful and the characters are likeable. I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best games ive ever played and sadly it is kinda underrated. My biggest wish is that we will get sequel, but sadly Ninja Theory said a few years ago, that that wont happen. 🙁

  6. Playing it now & am having a blast(Chapter 5) Definately an oversight on my part. Best 7.99 I spent in a long time. Great voice acting sure does make a BIG difference.

  7. Game Spot never review honestly. All they do is advertise shit games. This is NOT a good game. It's short, underdeveloped, & all the budget went into graphics for the earlier levels. It takes you about 4 hours to complete. 4 hours! Angry Joe would do this game justice & slate it! Unlike Gay Spot.

  8. Looks very repetitive and boring, easy platforming and puzzles, basic button smash combat, bad camera angles, linear level design.. And yet I find allot of love throughout the internet for this game. I guess I should pick it up, and $1 won't make me homeless. For anyone wondering, it is now on Humble Bundle within the "Pay what you want!" section. So paying at least one dollar will get you this and 2 other titles. Ends Feb 13 😉

  9. Well done review, camera, scripted platforming with tight controls coming from the level design, combat mechanics are the major cons for me, but there are lot of pros so game is definitely worth it!

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