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Vibrant visuals and agile action help Shattered Dimensions capture the excitement and appeal of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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  1. -_- You really are stupid arn't you… I was making fun of you. I swear kids these days are getting dumber and dumber. Spider-Man Noir was nothing short of a master piece. Twilight was garbage. See the difference?

  2. How can you say bab work of fiction before you ever read it? See this is exactly what im talking about. punk ass kids like you judging things before you even read it…

  3. i wish they took this formula (stage theamed around bosses) into a just amazing spiderman game. have an open world filled with fun things to do and picking story missions triggers a movie that transports you to a villan stage or have a chase gameplay secne that transitions to the boss themed area the villions i would want are classic versions mixed with new comic verions of lizard, venom/carnage fight, green goblin, sandman or hydroman, scorpion, rino, kraven, mystero, chamelion,and vulture

  4. Yeah we get it he's an idiot but to compare a comic book to war? Damn… Do you even have a grasp of what people in wars go through? Bit disrespectful if you ask me.

  5. it was a great game story wise but Activision makes all their Spider Man games pretty much the same: redundant action with no real substance: just fight wave after wave after wave, button-mashing bullshit. They say you can dodge, but you're "dodging" doesn't dodge much of anything except one or two hits. Oh and your opponents move just as fast as you do. You're fucking SPIDER MAN; you're supposed to faster and more nimble but Activision as always fucks you out of this important element; oh and your spider sense really isnt' worth that much or your "upgrades". Activision needs to let a better game studio take over the Spider Man franchise; because their games suck.

  6. This is my favourite spiderman game of all time, freakin love it. While I can agree with some of the flaws (like camera issues when wall crawling), all in all its amazing, a lot of fun and a nice proof that not every game needs to be open world. I think this allowed for more different places, and this episodic feeling with a new villain it's time is great as well. Surely one of the bests. And don't let forget all the cool unlockable stuff. X3

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