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Mafia II’s exciting action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure.

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  1. My biggest complaint about these games (among many that are similar) is the language. For whatever reasons, I can handle the cartoony, animated violence. It's usually laughable (to me). But because of the language (and occasional random nudity) I can never play these games with anyone in my family. They'd all be against it.

  2. I enjoyed the main game to bits, however, the Joe's adventures felt less like a story driven experience and more like a fucking arcade game. The first mission is done well but with all of the pop ups instead of immersive cut scenes it feels like an arcade. And the cut scene I did get I saw the animation and they felt a little bit robotic in their movements and speech. Needs a little more story and the story delivery should be worked on. And also a little less arcade shit like the counters on top of the screen.

    Also just a nit pick but a huge bump in the road of the game for me was when I was doing Saving Marty and when I died the one time I put me back down the street before I even accepted the mission so I had to go back, figure out I hadn't started the mission, then go back and start the mission, then go back to the mission. Plus it was a little bull shit considering I have no friends to help me, I am dragging a body across the floor to make sure Marty Lives and there are waves of gang members coming to kill me. So to picture it imagine slowly moving across a room with waves of people coming at you, and every time you have to drop the body, find cover, shoot everyone without dying, go back to the body and pick it up and then go a little further before starting again. And all if you don't run out of ammo before you reach the exit.

    My only 3 gripes with the game. As I said the main game with Vito was one of the most immersive experiences in gaming history for me. Very fun to play this, and I hope all of you which have not gotten it already should get it. Just not Joe's adventures. Its fun at times, at certain moments. But then it dies and it feels like an arcade game you spend 25 cents on every time you die. Which would be cheaper jesus christ.

    Also a recommendation of mine is to download this Cheat DLC which allows you to free roam. Only if you only like doing that, roaming around. The game does not allow you to do much outside of the story. Which is why I found myself in the freeroam cheat DLC just arming myself, running into a Cafe and gunning everyone down just do compulsively eat all of the food in the diner like a fucking mad man.

  3. Mafia 2 was awesome just wish the story and world was bigger with more to do. Mafia 3 was a let down, it should have followed Veto having to try to find and save Joe, then having to go on the run in a Road to Perdition style to escape the mob

  4. Best thing to say about this is….there should have been more to do in thr environments…it seemw unfinished…why have the ability to turn in a shower…turn on a light or a water tap…for no reason? You never knkw how much energy u have…but it says u need to eat to get energy….but i forgot that and never ate….weird unfininshed feel to this game

  5. Playing again rather just fun to go in a this game get a car and take a drive in a beautiful 40s 50s big city after you beat it there is 3 cool side stories sli 1080s and 27in 1440p @165Hz 100+ ultra

  6. This game got me into Jazz (didn't even know what that genre was called until this game). Fell in love with artists such as Django Reinhardt which then led me into learning to play guitar. I can safely say that this game literally changed my life!

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