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Creepy atmosphere, fantastic combat, and clever storytelling make Alan Wake’s quest thrilling from beginning to end. Read the full review:

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  1. whole alan wake series is only 4$ on steam atm so I thought id try it because it seemed ok and I got it cheap but damn this game is fantastic I highly recommend it to horror fans or third person shooter fans.

  2. yeah give me flashlights and chase those monsters to thick of trees
    and make story unnecessaily complex so gamers can think this game has any depth
    delusionary game

  3. To be fair, he said it LACKED memorable moments, not that there was none at all. I agree that scene was awesome but how many more moments were like that in the game?

  4. Memorable moments:
    -Tornado of Darkness
    -Assault in the Lighthouse
    -The insane Cabin (When everything goes South in an instant)
    -Rock stage defense
    -Chopper defense
    -The Kidnapping of Alice

    A lot more as well.

  5. True, you've got a point. I was about to criticize the review for saying that there are no memorable moments, but I think you've got the right of it. Yet still, I would call it a surprise when a huge ship almost lands on me 😀

  6. He's completely wrong about the L4D thing too. The stage was in L4D2 which came out around the same time but was made in under a year after the first game. Alan Wake was in development for almost a decade before.

    Remedy is known for taking their sweet ass time honing their story and atmosphere, like we waited Max Payne 1 from 1994 to 1999.

  7. Who the hell did you get to read this review? He obviously didn't complete the game, which means he has no right to review it. Besides the completely unnecessary major story spoilers, there was no interest in his voice. The story in this game is everything, maybe leave this guy doing COD reviews.

  8. This game was great i love the hole tv show format it was really different in a cool way remedy really needs to make a sequel and i cant wait for there new game quantum break i know its going to be great

  9. One of the best games ever made and easily the best Xbox 360 (timed) exclusive. Too bad, it wasn't good enough for dude bro shooter fans and the game didn't sell well. PC version helped them a lot and the franchise was saved but still we won't see a sequel anytime soon. The game looks phenomenal on PC. Writing and atmosphere is brilliant. I'd kill for a sequel.

  10. “Not very memorable moments” just wait until 10 years later with Control and how people went nuts over its connection to Alan Wake

  11. I'm here because I'm currently playing "Control" for the first time. Found a piece of paper that mentioned alan wake. I've never played alan wake but I knew it existed. I really wanna play this now.

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