Dead Rising 2 Weapons Combo Demo

Check out new ways you can combine items to make bigger and better weapons in this demo of Dead Rising 2 straight from Captivate 2010! Read more:

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  1. men estos son mis requisitos de mi cpu decime si me va andar bien el game Procesador: AMD Athlon(tm)X2 245 Processor 2.90Ghz Memoria ram 2GB y el systema operativo 32bit

  2. Whoever quits the game is a b** because I beat th e game I'm level 50 and guys not GameSpot aka commenters you are pussies there is multiplayer you dump asses

  3. This dead ass looks way better than the final game it looks so much more satisfying the combo items were closer the the combo rooms there was way more blood and the items at the shops are way cheaper I want this game

  4. I remember seeing this video when it came out I was 10 and I hyped the hell out of dr2 first game I truly got exited for and when it came out it acually lived up to my hype it was everything I wanted but this video does make it look way better than it is

  5. I watched this video AT LEAST 20 times before the game was released..
    I was 12 at the time, and was hyped to my very core for this game!!
    And I remember when my dad got it for me.. I was eating dinner with my cousin, when all of a sudden my dad, God bless him, walked in and put something on my bed. I jumped up to see what it is and BOOOOOOOOOOOM it was the game I've been DREAMING about <3
    The good old days 😀

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