Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Video Preview by GameSpot

Find out what’s coming out in the new DLC for Resident Evil 5.

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  1. RE5 is great but it wasn't a big jump from 4 other than just mainly graphics, again they really need to take it back a bit and incorporate some of the elements that made the original REs' epic. RE2=legendary, Veronica, and 4 are by far the most memorable. RE4 easily rivals 5, and that should'nt be considering the amount of time this game spent in development was ridiculous. So to me it was a great RE but it really didn't raise the bar much considering todays technology.

  2. I never owned a RE game before and am considering getting it for two main reasons: Playstation Move compatibility and Online Co-Op. So i'm guessing all these extra features u can play online with someone else through just like the whole original game right? 'cause it's the main reason i'm considering getting this game.. to play it online with a friend

  3. @Jukemdrawles699 I really love your idea, been thinking of it for a long now, but the racoon city part will be a bit hard to accomplish, unless you want them to remake a Resident Evil 2 with more exciting stuff that WOULDN'T change the original RE2 in the same way that stupid Darkside Chronicles did.

  4. I miss the style Res 1,2,3 had with zombies cool bosses and betrayals. RES 4,5 were good games but i really miss killing zombies and theres no sense of horror in this game its just a Shoot em up.

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