GameSpot Reviews – Army of Two: The 40th Day

The 40th Day has the same shallow appeal as a summer blockbuster. It provides brash, satisfying action when you’re in the mood for something loud and fun. Read the full review:

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  1. @naruclone23 yeah? cuz im saving up for 1 month now and i dont want it to be all for nothing D:
    So people still play this online and i wont have trouble finding a Co-Op match? ( CO-OP is most important to me )

  2. 1 day i got stuck with a noob partner who bought an rpg and shot it at a soldier that was 4 feet in front of me. i went down and needed help getting up but instead of him helping me he started t bagging me. next thing you know a heavy with a flamethrower came and i was praying so hard he didnt snap my neck. my partner ran off and luckily the rpg gave him full aggro so the heavy didnt notice me. next he tried getting me up and when i got up he got shot down. i ran and watched heavy snap his neck

  3. @Nintendoman15 I played a bit of the xbox army of 2, lots of guns hardly any customisation, but this army of 2 has few guns and lotsa customisation, fuse the two, and make it alot better i say. love the fact that when you make a moral choise it goes in to a commic book style cutscene.

  4. Why in video games do people make their characters and guns look as stupid as possible? I never do anything like that. I think it's pretty stupid…

  5. Just beat the campaign a couple nights ago. Way better than it should've been. A step up in everyway. Shame the multiplayer isnt active though.

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