BioShock 2 15-Minute Preview by GameSpot

GameSpot presents Now Playing: BioShock 2. We tour some of the early parts of the game in Ryan’s Amusements.

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  1. i know this was meant to be a walkthrough, but i knew nothing about this game when i first played it, and i did much better than this………..and somehow i detect this was on easy. also, he should know that level one electro bolt doesnt do damage on its own -__- but he used it like it did……..i'm sorry, but this is somewhat horrifying to watch……and not cause its a horror game

  2. yeah but when i beat the final boss battle on single player, as i go to recontinue the game when im done, with all my equipped guns and plasmids, im forced to start all over, with only the drill gun and a puny amout of health and eve

    any suggestions??

  3. He explained the setting just fine but he forgot the important element of the traps. He even picked some up before the second gathering but never used them.

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