Mass Effect 2: The First 12 Minutes

We sit with BioWare producer Adrien Cho down for a sneak peek at some selected highlights around the interior of the Normandy.

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  1. ok so i just beat the suicide mission, i lost my crew and jack and tali, but i got away with miranda, ive gained her trust, and tryed to talk to her after every mission, ive never said anything negative, but for some reason i couldnt get her to, you know, before the mission, so im wondering if its possible to get paramour with her after the game ends, or if you can get her to like you in mass effect 3? even with my situation? appreciate the help

  2. @aperson30 her romance revolves arounf some ery specific dialogue options. Its rumored you will be able to romance her in me3 but i don't know for sure. mass effect wiki should have some tips

  3. @HiralShah00 So you really think Mass effect 2 is overrated? dude have you ever heard of Call of duty because that is pretty overrated.

  4. @b00mYou your way wrong the ps3 version is running on the mass effect 3 engine so if the xbox version and pc versions look better that means that mass effect 2 will look better than mass effect 3

  5. @mcryan07 Because of a bunch of noob so called "gamers" that never heard of the word quality,If quality was a fish then bioware would slap you with it lol 😀

  6. You know what the best thing about this game is? The New Normandy, has decent LIGHTING. I swear I couldn't see shit in the old one.

  7. @mcryan07 well they're not the same category of games and plus I'd say FPS have a bigger population so it only makes sense they sell more

  8. @mcryan07 how is it better? I dont care bout story, bout graphics, but like how many loot drops/collectibles(i assume there are such things because its an rpg) are there, what do you get from leveling up, and is it linear.

  9. Mass Effect 2 underwent a lot of changes to appeal to the Dudebro fanbase. Why it went from being more like KOTOR to Gears of Bro

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